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Rocky Mountain University Community Rehabilitation Clinic

Provo City Community & Neighborhood Services Awards RMUoHP Foundation’s Community Rehabilitation Clinic Community Development Block Grant

Provo City Community & Neighborhood Services (formerly known as Provo City Redevelopment Agency) recently awarded $27,343 to the Rocky Mountain University Foundation for a CDBG grant for FY 2019-2020. The grant is directed to supporting the Foundation’s Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC), a pro bono physical therapy clinic in Provo providing rehabilitation therapy for underserved and underinsured citizens. For more information on the CRC see www.rmucrc.org.

The specific purpose of the RMUoHP Foundation is to promote and assist Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions and other healthcare agencies to receive charitable gifts, property, and funds for healthcare, student support, mentored research, learning resource centers, and special projects.

The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Foundation supports RMUoHP in its contribution to health care through a dynamic, evidence-based graduate education founded upon a student-centered approach. The Foundation supports RMUoHP students in learning how to incorporate evidence-informed and research-based principles from an academic and clinical perspective, into advances in day-to-day practice.