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Your generosity makes a difference by empowering students to complete vital dissertation research through scholarships and ensuring community health clinics can provide essential care. By giving, you invest in the future of knowledge, health, and well-being.

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RMU Health Clinics
Center for Communication Disorders (CCD)
Community Rehabilitation Clinic (CRC)
Counseling Clinic
Eye Institute
RMU Electrophysiology Clinic

Scholarships & Fellowships
Richard and Jodi Nielsen “Onward” Student Scholarship
Physical Therapy Scholarship
Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Clinical Electrophysiology DSc Scholarship
Pamela Mullens Pediatric Science PhD Scholarship
Sweeney Neonatology Fellowship
PhD Student Financial Aid Scholarship
Optometry Scholarship 
Counseling Scholarship
Nursing Scholarship

Student Funds
Athletic Training
Student NSSLHA Dues Payment
MS MedSLP Student Fund
RMU Student Food Pantry
RMU Student Relief Fund
Optometry Student Fund
PA Student Fund